We are a group of passionate people who have been engaged with the community since 2012 providing collaborative services through various multifaceted events and functions combining with other service providers.

Our main aim is to “grow great families at the heart of our Community”, connecting with those most vulnerable creating “safe homes and happy families”. We network with various social service providers providing assistance as the need requires.

We provide opportunities, through our events, projects and services. Ultimately focusing on people’s wellbeing, supporting and aiding them to thrive.


Our philosophy is based on the word “philozenia” which is the word for hospitality. However it has a much deeper meaning than just that . . . directly translated it means “the love and care of a stranger” It’s about going the extra mile, doing more than what is required, being extravagant and bending over backwards to assist and providing care and compassion.

“Our main aim is to “have a heart” for all people no matter what their cultural background, past or present circumstances. Our main rule is to provide acceptance, love and forgiveness.

We are committed to valuing each and every person equally and providing each one the equal right to be accepted and nurtured as a part of the community.

Chris Barnard
Charity Registration number CC51536

Contact Us:
Tel: 0508 432 784
Email: info@haveaheart.org.nz
Web: www.haveaheart.org.nz

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